800# Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Pipe In Grade 202/304/316

Buy 800 mirror  polished stainless steel pipes

800# Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Pipe In Grade 202/304/316

What is Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Pipe?


One might often wonder why certain steel is cleaner and brighter than other steel, or can even see face like a mirror. Some examples are elevators, escalators,  Aesthetic Architecture pieces outside commercial buildings, kitchen accessories, balcony or even in the bathroom. Well, your assumption is not entirely wrong. These are Mirror Polish Stainless steel pipes. A mirror finish is a highly-polished commercial finish that is shiny, bright and reflective. These pipes are less likely to accumulate dirt, bacteria, or any other contaminants. Because the reason lies in the removal of scratches on the surface by a mechanical polish that also reduces grooves and craters. Ended up giving a smooth and shiny almost like a mirror finish. 


What are #800 Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Pipes?


The #800 grit mirror polish is highly reflective and gives a mirror appearance. Often used in design and architectural projects. So, how the bright, shiny and mirrorlike surface is achieved? The answer is Buffing. The surface is buffed initially by an abrasive compound and later by a rough compound to remove the layer and enhance the shine of the metal. The result is bright, highly reflective and free from any grit lines. This Polish is highly used in elevators and escalators. These Pipes are generally available in ss 304-grade tubes, but Santosh steel manufactures in ss 316 grade as well, Available in both variants Square and round. SS 202 Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Pipe is also a well-known variant used in fabrication.


Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Pipe Application in Various Industries

The Mirror Polish stainless pipe has high demand in architecture, design, hospitals and restaurants because this type of stainless steel is less susceptible to bacteria growth, easy to clean and esthetically beautiful to look at. Another industry is catering equipment, other than attractive looks, it also reduces the risk of bacteria ending up being used for sanitary applications. In decorative industries, polished steel has been used widely some examples of public art are as below


Architecture: Public Art and elevators and escalators.

Hospitals: Medical equipments 

Decorative : Boat ladders & rails 

Sanitary : washroom or bathroom Grab Bars and Swimming Pool Railing

Restaurant or Catering: Lining for oven, fridge and other  kitchen elements

Gym: Used in exercise equipment in Gym

Examples of Polished Stainless Steel Used in Public Art


1. Chrysler Building in New York = This Sky Scrapper has been cleaned only thrice since it was being built in 1930 

2. The Kelpies in Scotland

3. Light Meander in Mirror finish at Nashville USA

4. Venus Rising - Monument in Australia made with Stainless Steel Tubes

What is the manufacturing process of mirror polish pipes?

Between three and seven phases are involved in the stainless steel polishing process to achieve The desired finish. The process of surface conditioning typically includes the use of mechanical abrasive media—such as Alumina, Zirconia, and Ceramics.

Depending on the finishing standard requested, the polishing stage number may vary. Alumina powder is required for the No. 8 finish, one of the highest finishes that creates a mirror-like finish.

Why Choose Santosh Steel for Bulk Order of  #800 Mirror Polished Pipes


 You wish to purchase Stainless Steel Mirror Polish Pipe in bulk to fulfill a variety of engineering and industrial application needs. So why not contact Santosh Steels? We can provide you with a profitable deal. Professionals in the industry are engaged in providing the best possible service and product quality to their clients. There is a broad range of products available to meet all applications effectively. Prices are competitive. Mirror polished stainless steel pipes are easy to clean and require less maintenance. The most common use of this Stainless Steel Mirror Polish Pipe is in the construction decorative and Architecture industry. Also, we provide all kinds of stainless steel tubes and pipes to clients. Further, we manufacture Stainless Steel Mirror Polish Pipe, using High-Quality Raw Materials sourced from the reputed company of the country. We adhere to ASTM and other international standards. 


Product Specification Of Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Pipes at Santosh Steels

Unit Pipe Length‎ 3 meters, 6-meter
steel Grade‎ 202, 304, 316
Surface Finish Mirror, Polish
Size 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inch


 Note: Length can be customized, As Per Customer Requirement

Product Specification Of Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Tubes at Santosh Steels


Stainless Steel Round Tubes Mirror Finis
Size 4 inch
Material Stainless Steel
Steel Grade SS304 SS316
Thickness 0.30 mm to 5 mm
Shape   Round


Note: Length can be customized, As Per Customer Requirements

Special Finish and Surface available in mirror polished pipes

Mirror Finish 

800 Mirror Finish

Mirror Finish Square Section

400 Matt Finish