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Our Company

Santosh Steel & Pipes India Pvt Ltd, A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Stainless Steel- Round Tubes, Section Tubes and Schedule Pipes.

Our Growth Story

Santosh Steel & Pipes India Pvt Ltd is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes which was founded in the year 1967. We aim to deliver the best quality products and have received a benchmark in fulfilling customer satisfaction. Our company has been growing since then.

We believe in commitment to quality and services which assures client’s loyalty. We ensure high degree of flexibility in production-planning to meet customer’s urgent delivery requirements.

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Product Applications

Our products are perfect for industrial & architectural applications specially crafted to withstand extreme conditions

Our Quality Suppliers

Santosh Steel & Pipes India Pvt Ltd. is hugely committed to providing the best quality SS Pipes and Tubes and hence we get our raw materials from primary companies. Our major suppliers are:

Being one of the largest stainless steel conglomerates in the country, Jindal Stainless Limited(JSL) ranks amongst the top 10. JSL is known for its vision for innovation & value-driven business operations.
Formerly known as Pohang Iron and Steel Company, POSCO is a South Korean steel-making company. It holds the record of being the world’s fourth-largest stainless steel makers (2015) and the world’s largest stainless steel manufacturing company by market value (2010).
SAIL is a Indian stainless steel making company which is a Public Sector Undertaking, owned and operated by the Government of India. SAIL is the largest stainless steel producer in India and one of the largest stainless steel producers in the world.
43k Ton

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