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Electric Resistance Welding Stainless Steel Pipes Manufactured By Santosh Steel In India

Everything You Need to Know About ERW Pipes By Santosh Steels

ERW (Electric Resistance Welding) Stainless Steel Pipes: Features and Applications

Electric Resistance Welding ERW Stainless Steel pipes are pipes manufactured from strips or coils. They are formed from the ribbon of steel pulled through a series of rollers and are formed into a tube, which is then fused through an electric charge. The ERW pipe is electric-resistant and welded from either strips or coils in a longitudinal direction to add strength to the pipe.

ERW pipe is a welding process where metal parts in contact are permanently joined by heating them with an electric current, melting the metal at the joint. Electric resistance welding is widely used for example, in the manufacture of steel pipe and in the assembly of bodies for automobiles

ERW pipe is widely used in a variety of industries, such as engineering, fencing, line pipes, scaffolding, and so on. Some of the most common uses for ERW pipes are in agriculture and irrigation, particularly in sewerage systems, water mains, industrial water lines, deep tube wells, plant piping, and so on. They are also widely used in gas pipelines, particularly in the manufacture of natural gas, LPG, and other non-toxic gas pipelines.


Methods of Manufacturing ERW Pipe

There are different dimensions and standards for those pipes. The ERW Pipe Schedule 40 Pipe is one of the medium-range schedules that allow medium-range pressure containment of the pipes. The schedules govern the wall thickness for various outer diameter sizes of the pipes. 316-grade steel pipe is one of the most used pipes in this segment

ERW chrome steel tubes and stainless steel electrical resistance welding pipes in other material grades than the 304 stainless steel tubes. These pipes are mostly used in water, oil, and other low-pressure transportation of liquids.

Special features of ERW Pipe

  • High-Strength Corrosion Resistance

  • High Malleability

  • Superior Strength

  • Durable and Sturdy

ERW Pipe Applications

The main advantage is the strength along the length of the pipes. For higher strength, the chrome steel ERW Square Pipe is employed in some important applications.

ERW pipes are passed through numerous tests to ensure high-quality products. ERW pipes are cost-effective with good tolerance and less weight. These pipes have their usage in distinct fields. Some of the popular applications of ERW Pipe are as follows:

 Oil and Gas Industry

This industry is one of the biggest contributors to development and the economy. The end products are fuel oil and gasoline. The 3 processes involved are as follows:

  1. Upstream: This process involves the survey and study of natural gas and crude oil and drilling.

  2. Midstream: The crude oil is shifted, stored, and prepared in a cleanser. In shifting or transportation processes, pipelines and oil tankers can be used.

  3. Downstream: This process includes purifying crude oil filters and cleansing natural gas.


 Automotive Industry of ERW Pipe

In the Automotive industry, stainless steel is most likely to be used in the exhaust systems of vehicles

The durability of a stainless steel exhaust is its key selling feature. These exhausts are sturdy and long-lasting due to the substance; consider them an investment. Absolute steel is rust and corrosion-resistant in addition to being strong and durable, so that's one less thing to worry about. Due to their high cost, stainless steel exhausts normally come with a warranty. Any issues can be promptly solved, so it's no surprise that these stainless

Thermal Powers

Basically, in thermal power plants, stainless steel is found in every part of the system, irrespective of the size of the department. For instance, pressure tubes are a necessity for ensuring safe functions at the plant. The main function is to circulate coolant in the reactor.

1. Containment vessels 

The containment vessel is one of the biggest components in a nuclear plant and is made of stainless steel. The primary function of this component is to protect the reactor from outside factors and to save the workers from the side effects of radiation

2. Fuel and Coolants 

Uranium oxide balls are stored in tubes to power the plant, while coolant circulates continuously around the core to prevent it from overheating.

3. Pressure tubes 

These can hold fuel or coolants (see above). Larger vessels are used by some plants to contain their moderator or coolant. In either case, these tubes or vessels are typically made of stainless steel

4. Steam generators 

When the reactor generates heat, a pressurized coolant converts it to steam, which powers the turbines. Most reactors have multiple steam generators.

5.  Moderators 

The moderator (graphite or water) sits within the reactor's core and slows the neutrons produced by fission.

6. Engineering purposes

  Fencing, Line Pipes, and Scaffolding

  ERW pipe and tubes are also used for various engineering purposes, including fencing, scaffolding, line pipes, etc. Stainless steel ERW pipe for applications in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical, and food processing industries.


Why Choose Santosh Steels For your ERW Pipe Needs

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