Stainless Steel 304 Welded Pipe in ASTM A312 By Santosh Steels

Stainless Steel 304 Welded Pipe

The Manufacturing sector in India has a growth potential to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2025. In industries such as power generation and infrastructure, stainless steel 304 welded pipes are used the most. Being a developing country demand for raw materials and facilities are key pointers in achieving projected growth. If you are a key decision-maker in the above-mentioned industries. You might consider hiring a reliable stainless steel welded pipe supplier to cop up to match the production in your industry.

Manufacturing Process of Stainless Steel 304 Welded Pipe at Santosh Steels


Stainless steel 304 welded pipe by santosh steels

 At Santosh Steel Industries, we have a capacity of manufacturing  6,000 Metric.Tons.Per Annum of SS pipes and SS Tubes. We firmly believe in continuous improvement in the quality of the products and manufacturing them in such a way, so it can give complete satisfaction to the customers 

Basically, a stainless steel welded pipe is a long shaft made of coiled ribbons of steel. Initially, the shaft is cut out to the required length, A pipe's outside circumference can be calculated by the width of its shorter ends, which becomes the pipe's outside diameter.

The longer sides of the rectangular sheets are rolled up toward one another to form a cylinder as they pass through a rolling machine. A high-frequency electrical current is used to melt and fuse the edges together during the ERW process.

Product Specification of Stainless Steel 304 welded pipes ASTM 312

Outer Diameter

3/8 ” NPS to 4” NPS


Sch 5S, Sch 10S

Sch 20S, Sch 40S




Testing Methods

Tensile Test

Flattening Test

100% Hydrostatic Test

Hardness Test

Flange Test


Features of Stainless Steel 304 Welded Pipe in ASTM A312


stainless steel 304 welded pipe supplier in india - santosh steels

• Highly Corrosion Resistant

Stainless steel 304 welded pipes are extremely corrosion resistant due to the presence of chromium and nickel. The optimum conditions are an atmosphere containing chlorides. In addition, to be corrosion resistance, 304 is easy to resist, which makes it the most suitable for kitchen, catering, chemical, and food industries.

• Excellent Weldability

Stainless steel 304 can be welded in four different ways.

  1. Metal Active gas technique

  2. Tungsten inert gas 

  3. Manual Metal Arc

  4. Submerged Arc

• Heat and Pressure Resistant 

It is recommended that stainless steel 304 be used intermittently at 870°C or continuously at 925°C for good oxidation resistance. In water, continuous use at 425-860°C is not recommended.

Applications of Stainless Steel 304 Welded Pipe

  • Oil & Gas Industry

  • Power Generation Industry

  • Infrastructure & Construction Industry

  • Automotive Industry

  • Mechanical & Engineering Industry

Various Certification Specifications According to the American Society for Testing and Materials


Stainless Steel Welded pipe 304 Manufacturer in India

  • ASTM A 240 

As part of this specification, stainless steel plates, sheets, and strips containing elements such as chromium, chromium-nickel, and chromium-manganese-nickel will be described.

  • ASTM A 312 

Stainless steel pipe intended for high-temperature and general corrosion service is covered by this specification, whether it is seamless or straight-seam welded.

  • ASTM A 358 

Austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel pipe suitable for corrosive or high-temperature service, or both, is covered by this specification.

  • ASTM A 778 

The specification covers austenitic stainless-steel tubular products, which can be welded either straight seam or spiral butt seam, intended for low and moderate temperatures and corrosive service requiring no heat treatment.

Santosh Steel’s Chemical composition of SS 304 welded pipe in ASTM A312

Type 304 is the most widely used ss pipe across manufacturing industries. Earlier it was referred by the name 18/8 indicating a chemical composition of 18% chromium and 8 % of nickel. Although at Santosh steels in order to cater to a wide range of clients across the industry, we have another variant of  20% chromium and 10.5% nickel. When the chromium content of stainless steel is 10.5 weight percent and the carbon content is 1.2 weight percent.  This indicates the presence of an oxide layer, known to be a self-healing element. Which makes sure the material is corrosion resistant.

Why Choose Santosh Steel As a Supplier of SS 304 welded pipe in ASTM A312

Among the leading stainless steel pipe and tube manufacturers in India, Santosh steels is one of the most prominent. All of our products have passed seven types of quality tests and received certifications. Additionally, we collaborate on distributorships and dealerships. Join the Santosh steels family if you are a stainless steel pipes and tubes wholesaler and stay ahead of the competition.