Stainless Steel is an omnipresent material. Isn’t it intriguing to know that material that makes vessels in the kitchen like spoons, bowls and dishes is the same material used in making integral components of the Nuclear industry? it seems like the application of this material is endless. And the value it provides to the industry with its various benefits is constructible. Thus the sky's the limit for stainless steel. There are a number of Stainless steel tubes manufacturer in India. Santosh steels is one such example. a manufacturer that believes in developing products that meet national and international quality standards

Different Types of Tubes made by Stainless steel welded tubes manufacturer in India

There are different types of stainless steel tubes available according to specifications. in this article, we will briefly discuss the difference between ASTM A249, A269, A270, and A554 Stainless steel tubing

  • Both A249 and A269 require surfaces that are free of scale - annealing of the tube is generally done in a controlled atmosphere, and this "bright annealed" finish is acceptable.
  • Both internal and external Surfaces must be chosen for A270. A "mill finish" too abrasive polishing with 80, 120, 180, or 240 grit, as well as specific polishing and electropolishing, are all possibilities.
  • Surface finishes can also be defined in Ra values, however, there are no limits in the standard. Only "free of scale" is required by A554, and a "straight off mill" finish is assumed to be standard.
  • "Special finishes must be requested and indicated in the order."As a result, a high percentage of A554 tubes on the market are polished or buffed on the outside.
  • If you select the right kind of Stainless steel tubes supplier you won’t have to go through this tedious process of identifying the types which is provided by standard Stainless steel tubes manufacturer In India

What Are The Various Application Of Stainless Steel Welded Tubes

Oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, fertiliser, power, automotive, bearing, mechanical, and structural sectors all utilize stainless steel welded tubes.Our Stainless Steel ERW Tubes come from reputable manufacturers and are known for their robust structure, excellent functionality, and high quality.

If you're looking for a stainless steel welded tubes exporter who works with countries like Brazil, China, and the United States, Santosh Steel is a top choice.

Difference Between stainless steel welded tubes Vs Stainless steel seamless tubes

The method of manufacturing welded and seamless tubing is described in their names only. Seamless tubes don't have a welded seam, as the name implies. There is no longitudinal weld seam in the seamless tube. To make seamless tubing, a mechanism is needed to drive the hole into the billet. A welded stainless steel tube is made by rolling stainless steel strips or sheets into a tube shape and then longitudinally welding the seam. Hot forming or cold forming procedures can be used to create a welded tube.


What to Know before selecting a Stainless steel welded tubes manufacturer in India for your industry?

First, understand the requirements of your industry. Say you belong to the food industry you would require specific stainless steel welded tubes than what you require for the chemical industry. since both, the industry demands different specifications.it is advisable to communicate your concerns and requirements in advance with the manufacturer or supplier Santosh Steel & Pipes India Pvt Ltd is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes which was founded in the year 1967. We aim to deliver the best quality products and have received a benchmark in fulfilling customer satisfaction. Our company has been growing since then.